Friday, August 14, 2009

It begins with sushi

It's with much excitement and admittedly some hesitation that I begin this blog.

Why the excitement? Well, I've always been excited about food! Now of course there are other things I'm more interested in. Studying languages, traveling the world and meeting new people. Trying to take the perfect shot with my camera. Filling my computer with music I've stolen from my friends' CD collections. Still, as I travel with my camera, iPod and language dictionaries around the world, taking an interest in eating new and exotic foods comes as a natural extension to all these other pastimes. And when it comes to writing a blog that people will want to read, I think you all would be far more attracted not to the subject of myself, but rather to the food around me. Especially if I include tons of pictures (of the food, not me).

Why the hesitation? Well, it's a funny story. You see, I've lived outside the US for going on two and a half years now, and have been spending all my free time over the last several years trying to absorb as many other languages as I can. Mainly Japanese, but also Chinese, some Vietnamese, and more recently, a little bit of Korean. All this language acquisition has been great, but as a result my ability to communicate properly in my native tongue has taken a real nosedive. So please don't laugh, readers, when my prose goes traipsing off into total incoherence. Please be patient with me. Or, as another option, you could just look at the pictures.

So, without any further ado, let's get to the food!


  1. hey! just noticed you started a food blog! I like to see more friends becoming foodbloggers :P But not sure I should hang around here too much cuz it will make me miss Japanese food too much! Keep up the good work Joe!

  2. Hey, not sure who you are exactly but thanks for the kind words! I'm really enjoying this blog so far... I wish I'd started it when I first moved to Japan 2.5 years ago so I could include all the great restaurants I've been to in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam, but hey, now I have a great excuse to go back to all of those places again! ^^

  3. Hahahaha.... Sorry for being vague. I am Billy, we met last year while I was in Japan and staying at Trane's. I guess it was a blur while we hang out at Hartland that night.
    But yeah, imagining if you have started this blog 2.5 years ago! No fret, it's never too late to start eating all over again :)